Christmas Date Ideas for Poltava Women


Christmas is simply the most wonderful time of the year, especially with a Poltava girlfriend. Christmas traditions differ between cultures. Some people go out of town with their families and others stay home to have an intimate celebration with loved ones. Some people even travel overseas for a winter vacation. Indeed, the Holidays are the best time of year to spend quality time with the ones closest to your heart.

Christmas in Ukraine, however, is celebrated a little bit differently.  For starters, Santa comes on the 7th of January, rather than the 25th of December. This is because Ukraine is a deeply religious country, with the vast majority of Ukrainians following the Orthodox Christian faith.

Ukrainians, therefore, use the Julian calendar, rather than the western Gregorian calendar, for their religious festivals. This makes Christmas in Ukraine the first holiday, allowing Ukrainian people to truly treasure the season and view it as the most important time of the year.

The winter season in Ukraine is also one of the most romantic and coziest times of the year, making it perfect for treating your Poltava lady to a date she won’t soon forget.

There are many ways to celebrate the Holiday season with your Poltava girlfriendSince ‘tis the season, we have prepared a few simple date ideas that will make any Poltava woman’s Christmas a magical one:

Set up a Christmas tree and Christmas decor around your house

While Poltava women may celebrate Christmas on a different day, many of the seasonal traditions are the same.  Decorating inside the house is a festive activity, east or west. If you want to spend quality time with her at home, putting up a Christmas tree with your Poltava girlfriend is also an excellent idea.

Spending a day setting up Christmas lights and decorations outside isn’t a bad idea either. This may seem like an ordinary activity, but Poltava women really enjoy getting things ready for Christmas. She’ll find it quite romantic if you initiate something she loves doing. You can also show off how much of a handyman you are in the process. It also wouldn’t hurt to put up a little mistletoe while you are at it.

Stay indoors and cuddle by the fireplace

Whether you are celebrating in December or January, baby it’s cold outside. If it’s too cold to go outdoors, staying at home and cuddling under the sheets next to a roaring fire is a good idea with a Poltava woman or any other kind. This could be a great opportunity for you to talk about your relationship, plans, and life in general. Moments like these will certainly help you to grow closer as a couple and strengthen your relationship.

Christmas shopping and wrapping gifts together

Wrapping Christmas gifts together with your Poltava girlfriend is also one of the best ways to spend time with, speak to, and connect with, her. What’s better, in the season of giving, than actually choosing and preparing gifts to give out?

Going Christmas shopping for friends and family members can be a learning experience as well.  Each gift has a name attached and each name is a person with a history and a story related to your Poltava girlfriend that you can learn.  As you are wrapping up the gifts you might find yourself wrapped up in tales of Christmases past.

Christmas movie night

To help you stay up on Christmas Eve, you and your girlfriend might enjoy a Christmas movie night together. Nothing gets you into the holiday spirit like some of the best seasonal movies. It’s a Wonderful Life, The Holiday, Love Actually, A Christmas Prince and others can really enhance the emotion of the moment. And, rather than spending money at the cinema, you can have a romantic evening by the fire with your girlfriend instead.

Watch A Broadway Christmas musical

Since winter is a peak theater season, why not take the opportunity to watch a play? The National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet in Kiev, Ukraine comes highly recommended. There are a number of seasonally relevant musicals that are also certainly worth watching. Musical plays like Swan Lake, The Snow Queen or Love and Passion are all magnificent choices to set her heart aflutter. Visiting Vertep for its Puppet Theater is also a superb option.

Visit The Winter Amusement Park in Kiev

For another outdoor activity option, bring her to the Winter Amusement Park in Kiev. Here you can take part in various activities like ice skating, visiting Santa Claus’ residence, watching different seasonal shows, trying delicious cuisine in the Food Zone and so much more.

It’s not necessary to spend a fortune to please your Poltava girlfriend; simple yet unique date ideas like the ones above will make her Christmas a very memorable one. Remember, nothing beats special dates on special occasions. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your Christmas dates now and start building cherished memories with your Poltava girlfriend that will last a lifetime.


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