Top 5 Things to Do And See in Poltava

If you are looking for a perfect place to have an escape from your stressful and nerve-wracking work, start booking a flight to Poltava, Ukraine just before the day ends and get to be entertained by its rich culture and tourist attractions. Poltava is one of the most famous Ukrainian cities because of its historical monuments, natural resources and important architectural achievements. Get to see it for yourself!

On a positive note, if you are already dating a particular woman right now and having problems as to where exactly in Poltava would you bring her, worry no more because here, we will be giving you ideas as to how you would enjoy your travel in Poltava city. Otherwise, meet beautiful single Poltava ladies too who are sincerely seeking foreign men for marriage.

Here are top 5 things to do and see in Poltava, Ukraine. Take these into consideration:

Have an excursion along the Vorskla River


Visiting Vorskla River is just easily reachable by any means. Rest assured, this place will be a perfect getaway from the city lifestyle. You can enjoy the view while having a picnic at the riverside with your date. Also, you can have a rowing boat and enjoy the waters. This is a great place to spend a day through relaxing, swimming and fishing. Undoubtedly, it is suitable for spending one lazy day in one of its breathtaking beaches. Indeed, any activity done in this destination is surely a worthwhile experience with your Poltava bride!

Skiing in Poltava


Petrovka is a village in Poltava which has become the highly recommended destination during cold months. Do you have any idea how beautiful it is during winter? Tourists come rushing to this village on winter seasons to ski. It is indeed one of the perfect places in Poltava especially for the beginners. The good news is, when you visit here, you don’t need to bring any skiing gear along because the place has a choice of skis for beginners and experts. All you have to do is travel to Poltava and bring the best out of it.

Visit Gogol Theatre


This place is a must-visit for all theater lovers. If you and your date are among them, you can visit Gogol theater which can offer you a wide array of Ukrainian literary masterpieces you will be amazed of. This theater is the only place in the entire Poltava where you can see the national dance of Ukraine which is Hopak (also known as Gopak). As expected, you will have a wonderful day to cherish in this theater alone!

Poltava Battle Museum


According to Ukrainian history, the Great Northern War which happened in 1700, had lasted for more than two decades and took place in the Battle Museum in Poltava. If you want to know more about its history, you can always look for answers through the internet. Better yet, consider visiting Poltava and reach this museum to feel like traveling back in time while having a worthy exposure of such battle history. Getting a chill out from gazing at the museum’s actual battlefield is nothing compared to just reading a piece of article. With just a low-priced 10-minute taxi ride, you can get to the Battle Museum at a hassle-free mode.

Visit White Rotunda


White Rotunda is built in 1909 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Poltava Battle. It is also known as the “Monument of Friendship” and is one of the most renowned landmarks of Poltava city. By far, this attraction is the best viewing point of the city. By just a 15-minute walk from the city center, you will be able to enjoy overlooking half of the city’s beauty. This sight can be a perfect way to end your visit at the beautiful city of Ukraine.

Have you already set your mind to visit Poltava? If you do, you can visit our site to look for helpful itinerary tips in visiting the Cultural Capital of Ukraine. Have a wondrous travel and let yourself find true love among alluring Poltava women at this historic city!










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